Interim Managers as growth accelerators

09.07.2013 by Fritz B. Hoering (Managing Partner Connion GmbH)

Growth is one of the major cornerstones of a long-term business strategy of each company and is also consistently pursued by most companies. Parts of the successful strategy implementation are suitable products, properly selected markets, an adequate marketing, a flexible sales and distribution, an customer-oriented service and efficient structures.

Sustainable growth, so growth with high customer loyalty and recurring sales results develops, if the above elements play together right and sufficient qualified resources be available.

On the question of which Growth rates aims at the company and how it intends to achieve these rates, the answers are quite different. Essentially, this is because that the respondent cannot pursue all growth elements with the desired focus at the same time. Above all, the international growth makes some decision-makers headache.

An effective method to not only achieve the desired Growth targets but even exceed them - meet, is the time-limited use of external resources in form of Interim managers. The elements of growth can be modularized and individually addressed along with the business and budget situation:

  • An Interim Business Development Manager can fine-tune the strategy, the resource and financial planning up to the Establishment of branch or identification of suitable partners or acquisition targets. He can do everything required to the Achievement of objectives in terms of growth and could introduce relevant employees to these elements.
  • An Interim Business Development Manager might be the right man to orchestrate the interplay of the elements of growth and to continue the process involved in the day-to-day business. He is possibly the best specialist for markets where the company still does or does not go with the desired success. He brings the intercultural know-how as well as the knowledge of the market with him and supports the entry level or to thrust phase.
  • An Interim Product Manager can prepare a particular product for a Market entry and introduce the staff in the individual market requirements.
  • An Interim Process Manager can ensure and align the structures to the Growth targets.
  • An Interim Sales Manager could be a mediator as an interface between company and customer or market so that all involved get added value from it. He is bringing supply and demand into balance.
  • And an Interim Project Manager helps to coordinate all growth items in a project.

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