GoEurope is our Business Development Program to establish transatlantic operations. We can support you - also in preparation of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) respectively the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) - to help establish your business subsidiary in Europe.

The GoEurope Business Development Program is offered for both sides of the Atlantic, in Europe and in North America. We have local presence in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Poland and can represent you locally.

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  • Launch your European business within 6 months
  • Don‘t waste time and avoid costly mistakes
  • Ensure budget and sales targets are met

Let our experienced consultants ensure your success!

Doing business in Europe is great. But beware: This is not America.

Walmart tried Germany for 9 years and lost US$ 1 billion, making obvious mistakes today used in MBA classes: errors no local would have made.

Do it first time right : efficient, fast, successful.

We can ensure you meet your targets.

Let’s get started. GoEurope with us!

Our proven 5-step process to bring your business to Europe

BizDev Process


Who we are

A strong team of top management “resultants” and experienced executives with a significant European network – we can pull top resources for almost any topic within days.

Some Success Stories of the Team

  • Technology companies like AT&T in the 90s and AMX (2007-2009) were established in the German-speaking region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) as well as in Eastern Europe. New legal entities were launched, offices were established and Sales & Marketing teams were recruited, bringing in revenues on plan along with service organizations performing excellent customer service right from the start. All processes were established and all legal requirements fulfilled. The new teams were built under strong leadership and have great success to date.
  • A US company established a legal entity in Munich to drive its European sales efforts. Unfortunately it chose its infrastructure and communications according to US standards. Following a time of penalties, problems and failed communications, the company asked for a detailed financial transaction review for procedural and  nonconformance issues as well as ways to synchronize business data with both the US and Germany. Following the review, processes and procedures were set up and aligned to meet best practice standards including a global ERP system.
  • A major UK bank expanding to the continent asked to find the most suitable entry market and product to offer to match the market. After screening all relevant markets and looking for the best match of the bank’s strength and competitive gaps, proposal of a market entry strategy and implementation of pilot phase with local partners contracted and delivery processes set up. The bank became market leader within a few years.
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